This feature presents current utilization of all storage pools and volumes in the table where each item has color based on its response time (latency) during last hour.
Heatmap is refreshed every hour.

Heatmap types:
  • Pool
  • Pool table
  • Volume
  • Volume table


Storage devices can be assigned to storage tiers. Each tier has its own thresholds defined in XorMon NG.
All pools are in tier1 by default, you can easily change tier assignment in UI ➡ settings ➡ Heatmap Tier
Volumes inherit tier assigment of their pools.
Storage monitoring : heatmap

Pool or volumes with low IO utilization are excluded from the heatmap (you can see it in the table example below).
Each tier has its own utilization exclude thresholds
You can define your own tiers and even color for each threshold

Storage monitoring: heatmap

Heatmap table:
Storage monitoring: heatmap

Heatmap in bigger env:
Storage monitoring: heatmap big