Health status

XorMon NG provides several levels of health status information in multiple places.
There are some technologies where it makes no sense to provide such status.

Dashboard Health Status

It can be found in the "Dashboard" menu.
It provides detailed health status dashboard for all technologies that we support.
Health Status Global

Table contains:
  • Health: devices' health status, HW issues mainly, this is not supported for
    • IBM Power System
    • VMware
    • Nutanix
    • Proxmox
    • Oracle VM
    • Kubernetes / OpenShift
    • Clouds
    • Databases
  • Connection: status of the connection to the monitored device (hostname:port)
  • Data: data collection status

Global Health Status

It is small bell icon on the top right. It provides information only about current issues with a short description.
It does not present devices which have everything fine.

Local Health Status

Each technology has its own local health status with additional details

SAN monitoring

Storage monitoring

IBM Power monitoring

Nutanix monitoring