XorMon Next Generation

XorMon NG is a modern replacement for our original set of monitoring tools XorMon Original, LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD.
It brings a new level of infrastructure monitoring by relying on a modern technology stack.
In particular, reporting, exporting, alerting and presentation capabilities are unique on the market.

Main Improvements

  • Better user experience with interactive graphs and more customizable interface
  • Enhanced alerting, reporting and exporting
  • Better integration of all monitored platforms with end-to-end visibility
  • Modern, scalable and future-proof backend
  • Integration with customer's IT processes using REST APIs


  • Interactive graphs - filter, sort, zoom, select individual items
  • APIs for better integration with other tools - configuration, data export
  • Alerting and exporting available for all devices, technologies and all their metrics
  • Structured Custom Groups and Dashboards
  • Improved reporting and data exporting
  • Highly intuitive forms using previews, filters and regular expressions
  • Mapping between virtualization platforms and storage systems - VM to Volume
  • Microservice architecture
  • Ready for containerized deployment


  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, Plotly.js
  • Backend: Typescript, Node.JS, Nest.JS, Python, Perl, Unix shell
  • Database: TimescaleDB
  • Microservice architecture

Supported Technologies

Monitoring nfrastructure - XorMon NG