SAN monitoring

XorMon NG uses SNMP protocol to get data.

Monitored devices

  • Brocade and all its re-brands
  • Cisco MDS
  • Cisco Nexus
  • QLogic

Monitored metrics

  • Data throughput [MB/sec]
  • Frame throughput [frames/sec]
  • Errors: CRC, encoding, enc out, disc c3 frames, link fail, loss sync, PCS [frames/sec]
  • CPU, Memory usage
  • Buffer credits usage

Aggregated graphs per

  • Port
  • Switch
  • Fabric
  • All switches total
  • ISL (Inter Switch Link)

Additional features

  • Brocade vFabric support
  • Cisco VSAN support
  • Fabric configuration (aliases, zones, ... only for Cisco switches)
  • Graphical healthcheck (HW or logical issues on ports or switches)
  • Historical reporting
  • Alerting: performance metrics
  • Alerting: HW issues
  • Zone configuration (only via SANnav, BNA)