Data retention

XorMon Next Generation (NG) keeps data in PostgreSQL database with the help of TimescaleDB extension which allows us to continuously aggregate and compress the data to be stored and accessed more efficiently.

General retention of data

Time intervalRetention
1 minutes (all data) 1 month
5 minutes averages   3 months
1 hour averages 6 months
5 hours averages 1 year
1 day averages 3 years

With some exceptions:
  • Storage, SAN and LAN data: do not have 1 minutes data, just 5 minutes
  • Capacity data: is collected in 1 hours resolution
This means that you have have access to data with the granularity of 1 minute for up to 1 month in our tools such as Public API, Exporter etc.
Then data with the granularity of 5 minutes for up to 3 months back etc ...

Retentions of all objects can be adjusted without data loss.
Longer retentions:
  • Require bigger disk space
  • Might have performance implication (in huge environments, on slows disks etc.)
Note: XorMon Next Generation (NG) Premium support covers retention changes for customers.