SAN Topology

The tool presents graphical visualisation of physical SAN topology between storage devices, servers and SAN switches, between FC ports connected to the SAN.

Supported devices
  • Server: support is IBM Power System only (since XorMon NG 1.1.0)
  • Storage: all except: Dell EMC XtremIO, HPE StoreOnce, HPE MSA, EMC ME4/5 series, IBM XIV/A9k and NAS based storage devices
You can find SAN Topology in the product here:
  • UI ➡ SAN ➡ Totals ➡ SAN Topology
  • UI ➡ Storage ➡ select a storage ➡ Mapping ➡ SAN Topology
  • UI ➡ Server ➡ IBM Power System ➡ SAN Topology (since XorMon NG 1.1.0)
Product provides different types of views like:
  • Overview: high level SAn topology view, just attached devices are presented
  • Detail: it contains all port conections with their WWNs
  • Custom: user can select devices to present in the topology map
  • Fabric: view per Fabrics
Presentation is interactive, when you click on any port, you see complete path to the target port highlighted
Link color shows the link utilization based on SAN heatmap.


SAN Topology monitoring example

SAN Topology monitoring example

Detailed : interactive
SAN Topology monitoring example

Storage local
SAN Topology monitoring: storage