VMware Monitoring

VMware monitoring

It gets data from the vCenter.

Monitoring Resources

  • vCenter
  • Cluster
  • Resource Pool
  • Datastore
  • ESXi
  • Virtual Machine (VM)

Monitoring Metrics

  • CPU performance (GHz, CPU cores, CPU ready)
  • Memory usage (reserved, granted, consumed, active, baloon, swap in, limit)
  • LAN performance in (MB/sec)
  • Disk performance (MB/sec, IO per sec, latency in ms)
  • Disk usage (GB)

Other Monitoring Features

  • vMotion graphical tracking
  • Trends
  • Historical reports
  • Custom Groups: grouping in one graph utilization from many virtual machines regardless where they run
  • Heatmap

OS Agent

Collected data set can be enhanced about OS agent which brings these additional monitoring metrics:
OS CPU CPU sys, user, IO wait
CPU queue Load avrg, Blocked processes
JOB CPU, Memory
Memory utilization Used, FS cache
LAN (ethernet adapters) MB/sec, packet count, errors
SAN (FC,vSCSI adapters) MB/sec, packets/sec, Latency, errors
Paging space utilization Usage in %
Paging rate MB/sec
Filesystem usage Usage in %, GB