Monitoring: AIX, IBM i, VIOS, Linux on Power

AIX monitoring example

Tool gets data via HMC REST API.

Monitoring Resources

  • CPU total
  • CPU pool
  • Shared Processor Pools
  • LPAR (AIX, VIO, Linux on Power)
  • Physical and Logical interfaces
  • Shared Storage Pools

Monitoring Metrics

  • CPU usage in
    • Core
    • Physical Core
    • %
  • Memory allocation
  • Eth/FCS/SR-IOV/SAS/IVE adapter performance (MB/sec, IO per sec, Latency)

Other Monitoring Features

Additional detailed OS data can be obtained from AIX / VIO/ Linux on Power OS agents running in LPARs.

OS CPU CPU sys, user, IO wait
CPU queue Load avrg, Blocked processes
JOB CPU, Memory
Memory utilization Used, FS cache, Pinned
LAN (ethernet adapters) MB/sec, packet count, errors
SAN (FC,vSCSI adapters) MB/sec, IO/sec, Latency, errors
Paging space utilization Usage in %
Paging rate MB/sec
Filesystem usage Usage in %, GB
Shared Ethernet Adapted (SEA) MB/sec, packet count