Apache CloudStack monitoring is not implemented yet in XorMon NG, we expect its support later in 2024.
So far you might use LPAR2RRD for its monitoring.

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Data is obtained from Azure Monitor API.

Create application under Azure Active Directory

  • Log in to Microsoft Azure Portal
    Switch to Azure Active Directory service
    Note down your Tennant ID
    Azure configuration

  • Register a new application
    Azure configuration

  • Note down "Application (client) ID"
    Go to "Certificates & secretes"
    Azure configuration

  • Add "New client secret"
    Note: you will have to repeat this process if you select expiration date
    Azure configuration

  • Note down the Client secret
    Azure configuration

Add resources to application

  • Switch to Resource groups
    Select your resource group
    Note down resource group name and "Subscription ID" in the overview
    Go to "Access control (IAM)"
    Add role to the resource group
    Azure configuration

  • Select "Monitoring Reader" role for the newly registered application and save
    Azure configuration

Configure Microsoft Azure

  • XorMon NG UI ➡ Settings icon ➡ Device ➡ Cloud ➡ Azure ➡ New
    Enter Host Alias, Tenant ID, Client ID, Client Secret, Resource name, Subscription ID
    Save and run Connection Test
    Microsoft Azure configuration

  • Run "Test" for configured Azure host, it must show "OK"

  • Wait about 1 hour, then refresh the web browser cache by Ctrl-F5

Data is obtained from Google Cloud API with Authorization token from Google SDK.

Install Google Cloud SDK

  • Install as root
    Note that XorMon NG Virtual Appliance is shipped with pre-installed Google Cloud SDK.
    Follow installation guide, RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 packages

  • Initialize after installation
    # gcloud init
  • Login to cloud account with provided link
    You must log in to continue. Would you like to log in (Y/n)? Y
    Go to the following link in your browser:
    Enter verification code:
    Select the project to be monitored
    Pick cloud project to use:
     [1] ...
     [2] ...
     [3] Create a new project
    Please enter numeric choice or text value (must exactly match list item):
    Default zone is not required
    Do you want to configure a default Compute Region and Zone? (Y/n)?  n

Create Service account and download credentials file

    Note: you need propper priviledges to create a new service account in the project.

  • Login to google cloud console
    Select the project to be monitored
    Go to APIs & Services -> Credentials
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Click on "Create Credentials" and select "Service Account"
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Enter service account name and description, Create
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Add "Monitoring Viewer" and "Compute Viewer" roles
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Click on "Done"
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Edit the new account
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Click on "Add Key" and select "Create new key"
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Select key type "JSON"
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Save the credentials file.

Configure Google Cloud in XorMon NG

  • XorMon NG UI ➡ Device ➡ Cloud ➡ Google Cloud ➡ New
    Enter Host alias
    Select the credentials file (json)
    Google Cloud configuration

  • Run "Test" for configured GCloud host, it must show "OK"

  • Wait about 1 hour, then refresh the web browser cache by Ctrl-F5

Data is obtained from Amazon Web Services via AWS CLI.

Install AWS CLI

Create monitoring user

  • Log in to Amazon Web Services Console and switch to IAM
    AWS configuration

  • Go to "Users" and add new user
    AWS configuration

  • Enter a user name and select a "Programmatic access" as a access type
    AWS configuration

  • Select "ReadOnlyAccess" role in the permission section
    AWS configuration

  • Create user
    AWS configuration

  • Note down "Access key ID" and "Access key secret"
    AWS configuration

Configure AWS in XorMon NG

  • XorMon NG UI ➡ Device ➡ Cloud ➡ AWS ➡ New
    Enter Access key, Secret key
    Select Interval
    • 5 minutes for Basic monitoring
    • 1 minute for Detailed monitoring
    Click on Load regions
    AWS configuration

    Select monitored regions and save configuration

  • Run "Test" for configured AWS host, it must show "OK"

  • Wait about 1 hour, then refresh the web browser cache by Ctrl-F5