HMC troubleshooting

Problems and possible solutions:
  1. Turn on AggregationEnabled for each server on the HMC
    Server ➡ Performance ➡ Top Right Corner ➡ Data Collection ➡ ON
    XorMon NG requires HMC LongTermMonitor enabled. It is part of Performance Monitoring in HMC Workplace.
    HMC Management ➡ Operations ➡ Change Performance Monitoring Settings ➡ All On
    This performance monitoring can store up to 366 days of data.
    XorMon NG uses performance data only 30 minutes old so you can set the minimum number of days to store performance data (1 day).

  2. User xormon authorization fails on https://hmc:12443.
    Check username and password
    Make sure that is allowed remote access via the web
        HMC ➡ Manage User Profiles and Access ➡ select 'xormon' ➡ modify ➡
        ➡ user properties ➡ Allow remote access via the web
    Try to log on to the HMC with 'xormon' user credentials
    HMC REST API is supported since HMC v8.