MS Windows and Hyper-V

You do not have tu use installer, all install stuff can be easilly done through single command line cmd.

Only what is needed is add a task into the Task Scheduller to start the agent in powershell.

Command line option:
Put LPAR2RRD-agent.ps1 into folder you want to have it installed
Change all brackets {} to adequate values below and copy it into Command Prompt or Powershell

schtasks /create /SC minute /mo 5 /TN LPAR2RRD-agent-{lpar2rrd hostname}-{lpar2rrd port} /TR " 'powershell.exe' -command '& '''{path to}\LPAR2RRD-agent.ps1''' {lpar2rrd hostname} {lpar2rrd port} > '''{path to}\LPAR2RRD_agent-{lpar2rrd hostname}-{lpar2rrd Port}-load.txt''' *>&1' " /ru {Username} /rp /F 

XorMon NG server running on (use hostname in real example)
XorMon NG server port is 8162 by default
As user will be used lpar2rrd
schtasks /create /SC minute /mo 5 /TN LPAR2RRD-agent- /TR " 'powershell.exe' -command '& '''C:\Users\lpar2rrd\LPAR2RRD-agent.ps1''' 8162 > '''C:\Users\lpar2rrd\LPAR2RRD_agent-''' *>&1' " /ru lpar2rrd  /rp /F