EMC PowerMAX, VMAX and TDEV monitoring

XorMon NG does not monitor TDEVs. However Storage Groups are monitored, let us explain why:
  1. There could be tenth of thousands TDEVs, it is a lot of data for storing and presenting
  2. It would require to issue tenth of thousands REST API queries to get such data regularly (every 5 minutes).
    We are not sure if this is something what Unisphere can cope with it.
    We have bad experiences with other storage if we use a lot of queries regularly, we need to reduce/optimize number of queries often
  3. Tenth of thousands items in single aggregated graph is for nothing, no one reads it.
  4. XorMon NG idea behind is not monitor everything possible to get all information, from all levels.
    XorMon NG wants be a front-end tool which should highlight problems and which allows debugging into some level.
    To get low level details you need to use native tools. We do not want to be a full replacement of native low debugging tools.