Rubrik monitoring

It gets data from Rubrik CDM using REST API.

Storage connectivity

  • Allow access from the XorMon NG host to one of Rubrik’s nodes on port 443

  • Create a new user for XorMon NG with the ReadOnlyAdminRole role
    • Login to Rubrik CDM UI

    • Go to Settings ➡ Access management section ➡ Users

    • Add Local User and assign “ReadOnlyAdminRole”
      Rubrik Storage management

      (example uses 'stor2rrd' user but use 'xormon' preferably)

    • As an option you can use token based authorization: Rubrik UI ➡ Username ➡ API Token manager
      Rubrik Storage management

  • XorMon NG storage configuration

    • Add storage into configuration from the UI:
      Settings icon ➡ Storage ➡ New ➡ Vendor:device ➡ Rubrik : Rubrik CDM

      Rubrik CDM storage  monitoring

    • Run "Test" for configured storage device, it must show "OK"

    • Wait about 1 hour, then reload the web browser, you should see it in XorMon NG UI