v0.9.12 (11 Apr 2024)

XorMon Next Generation release candidate 1 has been just released (v0.9.12).
Feel free to download and use it. Any testing and feedbacks are much appreciated!

Download site (upgrade/install package is xormon-ng-0.9.12.tar.gz)
Upgrade, pls follow manual upgrade now, when you go from older beta versions, there is better visibility of errors if any

Note that upgrade will remove all your already collected performance data, persists just device configurations.
It has been planned, the last DB cleanup before the final version, no more removals ever since now.

This version is far better than previous beta versions, contains many visible changes, new features etc.
It will not be too much different from the final one, we are planning only bug fixes now and smaller enhancements. The final version is planned in 2 - 3 weeks.

List on new XorMon NG features in compare to our 1st generation tools.
Especially CPU monitoring for IBM Power System is much enhanced in this version.

Here is the list of not supported yet features/devices in XorMon NG which are supported by our 1st gen tools, they come to XorMon NG soon or later.

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