XorMon integrates changes and enhancements coming with new LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD releases.


Support for new technologies


  • IBM Power Systems: support for HMC v10 over HMC CLI (over ssh), HMC REST API supported it already
  • IBM Power Systems: Free edition is restricted to monitoring 4 HMCs
  • Kubernetes
    • Added monitoring of namespaces (CPU & Memory)
    • Pods and containers folded according to namespaces
    • Added option to select namespaces for monitoring in configuration
  • Windows / Hyper-V
    • Historical reporting was implemented
    • Process monitoring like for Linux/AIX
    • CPU queue and number of running processes and threads
  • Oracle DB
    • Enhanced Capacity information
    • Log ratio graphs have been added
    • Overview of redo log groups and its members (Status, Size, Archived status ...)
  • Linux OS agent: added CPU stolen metric
  • VMware: complete list of VMs with their configuration
  • Solaris: historical reporting was implemented
  • Reporter: added csv reports for VMware custom groups


Support for new storage systems

  • Dell EMC² PowerFlex (ScaleIO)
  • Dell EMC² ECS 3.6+
  • Promise VTrak
  • Rubrik CDM

Withdrawn support

Note: These are Russian products which we will not support further because of the War in Ukraine

Further enhancements

  • IBM SpectrumScale: several smaller enhancements and bug fixes
  • IBM Storwize/ FlashSystem / SVC: added SFP Power TX/RX graphs
  • IBM DS8000: added SFP Power TX/RX graphs
  • Dell EMC² Isilon: new authorisation method for Isilon OneFS 9.2+
  • Infinidat InfiniGuard: a lot of changes, fixes and improvements
  • Hitachi VSP-G: enhanced capacity monitoring
  • NetApp C-mode/7-mode: added FC ports graphs
  • HW alerting: you can specify alerting groups to receive particular storage HW alerts
  • Free edition: it is restricted to monitoring 12 storage devices

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