XorMon: Unified Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

Brings comprehensive server, storage, database and SAN and LAN monitoring in single pane of glass.
Monitors every part of your infrastructure from one point.
  • Utilization of the infrastructure from VM level, through hypervisor up to the physical device level, from datastore to the volume on the storageMonitor on-premise or Cloud infrastructure with one tool
  • Check utilization of any on-premise hardware, cloud services or even hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Automated reporting, alerting, accounting for any supported device
  • Easily get reports for any part of your infrastructure for whatever reason. From audit needs to accounting purposes
  • Role based access for users from any level of the company
  • Intended for system admins, managers, capacity planners, application development or support, help-desk, etc
  • Capacity prediction based on AI-Driven algorithms
  • Integration with 3th party tools like Broadcom UIM, HP OpenView, Splunk and many others
Xormon overview

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